History: Earth-727

History of Earth-727 (Defenders of Justice International)

Sixteen years ago, the world changed with the Iron Valkyrie, an ageless Immortal from the realm of Asgard, appeared in downtown Millennium City, Hawaii, to stop the Overlich from reanimating the dead—specifically the five-thousand killed when the Japanese dropped their experimental Palladium Bomb during the Second World War. Since then, mutants, metahumans, angels, and demons have all come out of the shadows and ushered in a new age of superheros.

However, the age of heroes also brought an age of villains—alien invaders, megalomaniacs, super-powered street criminals, and people who just had a really bad day have taken over the international headlines. The heroes have always emerged triumphant in the end, but their victories seem to be getting more difficult, their adventures more fraught with danger.
The history of the super-humans can be divided into five Phases.

16-14 years ago, there was a Golden Age of heroism. The public welcomed the superman with open arms and the number of super-humans proliferated exponentially. The Golden Age ended with the death of the original Celadon Cyclone after her betrayal by the nefarious former hero Red Talon.

13-11 years ago, there was a Silver Age of heroism. Many metahumans, especially young ones, hanged up their capes in response to the treachery of Red Talon. The public began holding heroes to ridiculously high standards, often calling them murderers on the very rare occasions when they had to kill in self defense. Many of the heroes that remained gained an image of being Boy Scouts or in the government’s pocket, though this was often rumor; in fact it’s known that at least one hero, Techknight, battled alcoholism. The Silver Age ended with an incredible battle called the Penultimate Crisis: the Overlich was revealed to be but a shadow, an avatar of the true Overlich, a being of incredible cosmic power. The True Overlich resurrected a completely dead universe and tried to launch ghosts and zombies of its denizens to crush the life out of the living universe. The Crisis only came to an end when Hell Knight, a reformed villain, gave his lifeforce to the True Overlich, shattering his power over the dead.

10-8 years ago, there was a short period of peace following the Crisis, but it was soon shattered when it was discovered that the United States President was replaced by the Void, an alien species of sentient black holes. It was soon discovered that dozens of other world leaders and some superheros as well had been replaced, and as the public quickly turned on each other with recriminations and violence, the Void itself invaded the planet, destroyed Earth’s defenses, and took it over. It took nearly two years for the heroes to muster their strength and drive the invasion off of Earth.

7-5 years ago, a void superweapon left behind after the invasion was released into Millennium City and the Iron Valkyrie did everything in her power to destroy it. Even as she struck it down with her mighty axe, the machine fired a beam of concentrated gravitational force that struck the Valkyrie down. In light of her death, many heroes who had once retired picked up their capes again, while some despaired and gave up hope. Gradually, a conflict developed in the influx of new heroes between those who believed that the heroes themselves might be a cause of the rise of supervillains and those that believed the heroes were the only things standing between the world and its utter devastation. The conflict escalated until the United Nations stepped in and demanded that all superhumans unmask and register, and also agree to have power suppressors installed in them that could be activated remotely by the UN. Many heroes did not agree to the resolution and quit or went underground. Many villains were also forcibly registered and suppressed while they were in custody.

4 years ago, a new governing body of Superheroes formed: Defenders of Justice International. With a governing body consisting of ten core members and a task force of more than three-hundred registered superheroes, the Defenders have brought a new age of peace and security to the planet, though many supervillains remain at large.

1 year ago, an alliance of Supervillains attempted to capture Millennium City and subjugate it, resurrecting the Iron Valkyrie as a slave of the Overlich. A team of infiltrators was sent into this “Mastermind City” to stop the Overlich and free the people. Their plan was derailed when a bunch of college kids screwed up a reactor beneath the city university, creating an inverted chronological shell that trapped them in stasis while sending the rest of the campus, including the strike team and their allies, across time and space and to parallel worlds. Some of them, like Black Adder and Amy Loch made it back. Others were not so lucky. The chronoton burst from the campus reactor, however, managed to put Mastermind Tower and its dome shield out of phase with the universe long enough for a DOJI strike team attack and recapture Millennium City.

So there’s that.

(The history of this world was created for and played in a failed FATE campaign in 2011.)

History: Earth-727

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