History: Earth-5.2

History of Earth 5.2 (New Guardsmen)

Decades ago, rising against Nazi Saboteurs, corporate corruption, and the machinations of Soviets and McCarthyists, the mystery men arose, taking fanciful names and costumes, these heroes and heroines performed vague daring deeds and pushed the boundaries of science and the human will to its limit. Then the Cold War ended, and the need for the mystery men along with it—or so it seemed for a time.

Evil gathered strength in those quiet years and mustered its forces against the world, thwarted by individuals who stood against the darkness. But eventually, no single hero could stand alone.

Captain Amazing! Knightman! Titania! Inkblot! Prime! Wulf! King Arkayne!

Seven of Earth’s greatest heroes united ten years ago under the banner of the Guardsmen to protect the planet Earth from a chthonic invasion summoned forth by the renegade Amazon warrior Toxophile. The celestial dams long buttressed by mystic powers gave way, bathing the earth in magic and cosmic forces and unleashing a new generation of mystics, mutants, and masterminds into the world. Teams formed and fell apart, alliances formed and broke. Through it all the Guardsmen guided the new generation as they grew, a model and a beacon for heroism.

That was then.

Two years ago, the Guardsmen went missing, summoned by word of a threat to the fabric of the universe and trapped in a pocket dimension by their arch enemies. Knightman’s butler, Jarvis Butler, codenamed Jeeves, used a secret Knightman protocol to summon together a replacement group of heroes to be the New Guardsmen: Apostle, Nightwalker, Acheron Knight, Murphy, Kassiopeia, and Scott. They were pretty terrible at the job! Eventually however they made contact with the old Guardsmen, and with the help of Captain Amazing’s arch enemy Dex Dillon, they thwarted an awakened cosmic monster and freed the missing heroes. Unfortunately there were losses: King Arkayne gave his life to eradicate the pocket dimension; Inkblot murdered Dex Dillon and is now incarcerated, and Wulf vanished into the deep jungles of Peru.

Nightwalker stayed on with the team, taking the new codename Bluejay, as did Apostle. The team soon also brought on a speedster called Tachyon. Together with the surviving heroes they defend the planet as the (new) New Guardsmen!

(This world was created for a campaign played in 2010. The campaign itself did not last long due to inter-player conflict.)

History: Earth-5.2

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