Deities and Demigods


The Norse Gods exist, but Ragnarok has taken place, culling the vast majority of the gods. A few remain: Sif, the Queen of Asgard, Freyja, the ancestor of Collin Landrow (Orion) and Heimdall, guardian of Bifrost, are among them.

The Greco-Roman Pantheon may have once existed. Asgardian history recalls encounters with the Greek Gods in ancient times, before Ragnarok, but the Greco-Roman gods disappeared long before then. Some say they ceased to exist because Christianity took their place, but that doesn’t explain why the Norse gods continue to exist even after Ragnarok when they also have few worshipers left.

Other known gods include the Star Goddess Andromeda, who is married to Black Adder, and their demigod daughter Chun Sang-mi.


The Norse Gods existed, and Ragnarok has taken place here as well. However few Norse Gods that anyone has heard of on Earth survived the war. Asgard survives ruled by Idun, but they do their best to avoid world affairs.

The Celtic Pantheon exists, but keeps a distance from the human world. However the heroine Titania is the blood heir to the Sidhe throne. The Iron Army create by Queen Mab to overthrow the Fae Gods fell dormant with her death but was restarted a decade ago by the renegade Amazon Toxophile.

The Greek Pantheon exists; however they are not truly gods in the same sense as the Norse pantheon. Aliens who have mastered powerful magics, the Greek Pantheon warred for the people of Earth until Zeus was killed. His surviving daughter Athena rules a benevolent faction of Olympians from a hidden kingdom below Jupiter’s red spot, while deep beneath the surface of Pluto, Queen Persephone uses her dark magic to take the souls of the dying. Acheron Knight formerly worked for her, but when she discovered that Persephone was evil, she abandoned her powers. They were later restored with a less sinister source by Athena.

Athena, incidentally, along with Artemis and Aphrodite, founded the Amazons on the eve of Zeus’s death to be an exemplar to the rest of the world. Unfortunately they were betrayed by one of their own and put in stasis for twenty-five hundred years; this renegade amazon came to call herself Toxophile.

Deities and Demigods

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