New Cityton (Earth-5.2)

The historic district of New Cityton, going all the way back to original British colonization in 1633. Town Hall and the Federal Court House are here.

(A) Slate Tower
(B) Armoire Industries South

Little Manhattan
The bustling commercial district of New Cityton divided into 11 ‘super blocks’ themed around different industries. Some find it exceedingly tacky.

(E) East Cityton Station

Dillon Heights
Named for the founding Dillon family, Dillon Heights is a major financial center. While named for his ancestors, controversial union boss Dexter Dillon has no financial ties to the modern Heights.

Straddling both sides of the river, Madison is the old residential district of New Cityton and was named after Virgnian founding father and President James Madison. Many of the buildings in this neighborhood have been there since before the Revolution, though many saw extensive damage during the Civil War.

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(J) York Memorial Park

Down by the Pamunkey River, Chinatown is settled largely by the descendants of men and women who settled in the east after the days of exploiting Chinese labor to build Railroads ended.

(I) Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park

West Pamunkey
Once the butt of jokes regarding the financial well being and racial make-up of its inhabitants, West Pamunkey’s reputation has recovered in recent years as major business including MOON Research have bought vacant lots in the area and begun restoring the run-down Armistice Park to its original 1918 condition… minus the segregated drinking fountains.

(D) Athenian Stadium}
(G) West Cityton Station

Weatherby Hills
Sometimes called South East Hollywood, Weatherby Hills was an unremarkable wealthy neighborhood until an eccentric millionaire opened a movie studio in the 1960s and put New Cityton on the entertainment industry’s map. While cheaper than shooting in Holllywood, it’s still not quite as cheap as shooting in Vancouver.

(H) Spotlight Pictures Studios

This suburb of New Cityton has the highest-per-capita meta-human population anywhere in the United States. Many heroes from Uberton make their way to the big city, only for the city to hand them their asses.

New Cityton (Earth-5.2)

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