Atrocious Amazon


A rogue Amazon warrior whose decades-long vendetta against the Fair Folk has torn the Sidhe asunder. Blaming them and their trickery for atrocities during campaigns past, Toxophile believes that the Amazon nation at large is too passive, preferring to stop wars instead of truly destroy their enemies. Toxophile, aside from those Amazons who have defected to her side, also leads the Iron Army of Avalon, a force of enchanted automatons originally built by King Mordred of Camelot to keep the forces of the evil Queen Mab—his own fairy godmother—at bay. Her arch nemesis among the heroic community is Titania of the New Guardsmen, the young Faerie Queen and last surviving member of the Sidhe royal family.

The party has mercifully not encountered the brutal warrior in combat, but learned that a foe of theirs, a Sidhe Oracle, had begun trying to raise an army of mutated creatures of the Material Plane to fight against Toxophile’s forces.



D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen Chaltab