Secret Identity: Christof Alkaev
Alias: Redline
Age: 28
Origin: Earth 5.2, Divine Warrior

Strength 4/9 Enhanced
Agility 3
Fighting 9
Awareness 2
Stamina 7/13 Enhanced
Dexterity 2
Intellect 0
Presence 2


Dodge: 9 (DC 19)
Parry: 9 (DC 19)
Fort: 9/11 (DC 9/11)
Will: 11 (DC 21)
Toughness: 7/13, Imp 12

Outside Suit
Unarmed: +9 To Hit/4 STR Damage
Hammer Close: +11 To Hit/6 STR Damage
Thrown: +8 To Hit/6 STR Damage Hammer, 2 Damage Base Otherwise
Affliction Close: +11 To Hit/DC 20

Inside Suit
Unarmed: +9 To Hit/1 STR Damage
Hammer Close: +11 To Hit/11 STR Damage Pen 6
Thrown: +8 To Hit/11 STR Damage Hammer Pen 6, 2 Damage Base Otherwise
Affliction Close: +11 To Hit/DC 20

Teleport 2, Accurate,
Affliction (Dazed, Vulnerable) 10, Extra Condition, Limited Degree (Twice), Instant Recovery, Accurate 1
Close Attack/Fortitude DC: +11/20;

Healing 12, Only Others

Deflect 12

Regeneration 12 (-1 every round, -2 every 5th consecutive round)

Blessed Fireman Hammer (Bludgeon or Slash)
Easily Removable
Strength Based Damage 2
Penetrating 6
Aura (Holy)
Ranged Throwing
Feature (Summon)

Blessed Armor
Enhanced Strength 5
Enhanced Stamina 6
Impervious Toughness 12
Feature (Summon)

Great Endurance
Languages (1) Russian
Skill Master (1) Treatment

Athletics Rank 3; +10/ +15
Close Combat Hammers Rank 1; +11
Expertise Fireman Rank 4; +8
Insight Rank 3; +8
Intimidation Rank 3, +8
Perception Rank 2; +6
Persuasion Rank 2; +6
Ranged Combat Throwing Rank 3; +8
Technology Rank 1; +2
Treatment Rank 5; +10
Vehicles Rank 4; +10



Cursed-Long ago, a holy warrior and his partner/lover came under conflict with an ambitious witch. During the confrontation, the couple came out victorious but at the cost of one of them being mortally wounded. The witch cursed their spirits in retribution. The two would reincarnate over and over again to live out the same fate-to sacrifice their lives for the other. They would repeatedly watch the other die and never be together again, not even in Heaven.

Seeker-Many years and lifetimes later, Christof is the reincarnation of that warrior. Christof lived his life happily as a normal human and became a fireman. He got called out one night to an apartment building that had come ablaze one night. While investigating the inside, he found a woman that had gotten trapped on an upstairs floor. Not knowing her significance that she was his mate, he began leading out. On the way, some support beams on the ceiling gave out and fell. Christof’s reactions weren’t fast enough, but the girl jumped forward, pushing him out of the way. The floor broke under the weight of the beams and when Christof kneeled down to look through the hole, he saw her hanging by a shaky piece of flooring. He stretched out his hand to help and save her but it was not quick enough. She fell down into the fire several floors down. However, it was at that exact moment as she fell, with Christof still reaching out his hand for her, that the two universes collided and the world shook, knocking Christof off balance and away from the hole. And in that moment the collision turned the curse on its head. While it didn’t nullify it, the memories and abilities of the original warrior flooded through and Christof realized the awful truth of what had happened. Distraught and mourning, he was able to make his way outside and after the fires had been extinguished, went through the debris looking for her. Only to find that there was no body. And Christof had realized he never actually gotten to see her hit the ground. And so now, Christof’s goal is to journey and find the woman, wherever she may be. To save her with his new found strength and break the curse to save her soul.

Responsibility-Christof takes responsibility for the lives of everyone. It is his goal to do everything in his power to save the innocent around him even at the cost of his own life.


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