Murderous Hero


Inkblot (Wallace Waid) – An orphan who often lived on the streets as a teenager, Wallace Waid saw enough crime and corruption on the streets to have a deep mistrust of authority. As a young man, Waid was given a magic canvas that let him control ink and create constructs with it. Fashioning the canvas into a mask, Waid used his new power to fight villains and protect their victims.

Seeing a kindred spirit in the original Captain Amazing, the two became fast friends during the early years of their careers, even as Amazing grew more and more concerned over his friend’s right-wing politics consuming his thoughts. Waid eventually agreed to keep his opinions to himself and focus on saving the world.

Nobody could have expected after their temporary imprisonment in a pocket dimension that Inkblot would snap. Taking a riot shotgun from a nearby officer, Inkblot destroyed Dex Dillon’s head, blaming him for the fate of Captain Amazing I as well as the sacrifice of King Arkayne to keep the Pocket Dimension stable enough for everyone else to escape.

Now deprived of his canvas, Wallace Waid languishes in New Cityton’s Sunstone Penitentiary.



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