Dex Dillon

Murdered Supervillain


Dex Dillon (Deceased) – Always a proponent of human self-sufficiency, Dex Dillon worked as a labor union negotiator in high-tech manufacturing. Though gifted with great genius and aptitude, Dillon resented many of his fellow for their greater success. He felt that he was a classical Ubermesch who had lowered himself to work for those less gifted, and as his martyr complex soared to a breaking point against the anti-labor backlash of the 1980s, the original Captain Amazing debuted in New Cityton. A literal superhuman adored by the masses despite having never worked a day for it, Dillon’s fragile ego shattered. Enraged, he began a campaign of deception and defamation, mastering robotics and chemistry and becoming a master of disguise, Dillon persecuted Captain Amazing for years until at last, the hero lost his legs in the battle against Toxophile and was forced to retire from active duty. The former Kid Amazing, Dom Patrick, took up his mentor’s heroic persona and continued to oppose Dillon’s evil plots. Then, two years ago, after the New Guardsmen rescued the old ones—and Dex Dillon—from a pocket dimension prison, the unthinkable happened: Guardsman Inkblot murdered Dillon in cold blood, claiming it was revenge for the persecution of his friend, the original Captain. While Inkblot remains incarcerated, questions and rumors persist about the real motive for the killing.


Dex Dillon

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