D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #8

The Vile Vurnier

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
With the psychic baggage of Redline behind them, the party delves into another train car and confronts the demon that haunts Phoenix’s psyche: who is the sinister Doctor Vurnier and what does he want with the Sensational Psionic?

The party dispatched three figments that attempted to impede their progress and found an entrance to the next car of the train. Inside, they were confronted by apparitions of Phoenix’s past. Several years ago, twelve elementary school students at the school where Phoenix was a teacher were murdered by someone called Phillip Vurnier, a self-described doctor who promised he’d explain why he murdered the children if Phoenix would only join him.

In the apparition, a figment of Vurnier appeared to taunt Phoenix, triggering her PTSD, and leading her through a gauntlet of past horrors to a castle, where a superhero, a young boy that referred to Phoenix as his aunt, attacked Vurnier. This boy was then disintegrated by a defensive turret, but from his ashes rose a copy of Phoenix. This ‘Dark Phoenix’ attacked the party, but after Redline was able to destroy the figment of Vurnier, Wicasa and Brob made short work of the Dark Phoenix.



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