D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #10
Good Job Breaking It, Heroes

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
The tiny air force takes flight! Deep beneath the quarry, on the lowest sub-level of Basement Θ, Promethius X reveals his mad scheme, and the mystery of the stolen cows is finally solved.

After coming out of their trance in Sublevel 4, the party discovered that they had been wondering around for nearly four hours. Proceeding to Sublevel 5, the heroes discovered Promethius X and two strange Gold and Blue-clad soldiers standing in front of a huge sphere inside which a city and the surrounding countryside contained with in it, miniaturized. Candide explained that the city was called Mildendo, and it was the capital of Lilliput, a fragment of a destroyed Micro-Universe.

A fight broke out between the party and the two Lilliputian soldiers, whose-quantum containment suits made them formidable fighters; Promethius X meditated on top of the Sphere, calling forth reinforcements from Mildendo in the form of the Lilliputian airforce, enhanced with technology that allowed them to achieve a 1:64 scale integration with the outside universe. The party was able to dispatch the planes before they did any serious damage, though one of them used some sort of intoxicant missile on Brob.

Brob hurled a three-ton metal crate at the last three Bombers that emerged, but in the process also hit the Sphere, causing a fracture in the warp bubble. Fearing the destruction of Lilliput and the Basement, Candide convinced one of the soldiers to break off from the fight and help him put a temporary seal on the fracture until an actual quantum physicist could look at it.

The other Soldier grew erratic and furiously stabbed Redline, rendering him unconscious, but then Velocity waylaid Promethius X with a flurry of punches. With the psychic influence of the “Ape Lord” no longer clouding his doubts, the Soldier began to question his orders and the party was able to talk him down. The party and the soldier compared notes, realizing that Promethius X had been manipulating the Lilliputians with his psychic powers; he suppressed their doubts while spinning a yarn that the United Nations were planning to invade Lilliput and conquer it, and began preparing a Lilliputian invasion army of his own, though what X hoped to conquer with them is unclear.

After the rupture had been sealed and Velocity had run into town to get everyone some food, the party was debriefed by Celadon Cyclone, even as representatives of the New Guardsmen and DOJI appeared at Basement Θ in response to the security breach. The question remains to be decided: what to do with Promethius X?

Issue #9
The Veracity of Velocity

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Who is Brandon Haynes? The team may find out the hard way when they delve into Velocity’s psyche. And what of the B.A.D. Agent Roger Candide: are there any skeletons in his closet?

The party made its way through Velocity’s psyche, the denizens thereof persistently trying to reveal Brandon’s secret identity. After confronting some of his fears and wild speculations about his mysterious origins, the team encountered a memory of the cosmic entity Diskord, who they fought in a parking garage while Velocity found himself powerless.

Afterward, the heroes made their way to Engine of the Train of Thought and were about to shut it down when Promethius X summoned ‘the Conductor’ to delay them further. Taking the form of one Maxwell Collins, a man from Roger’s past. The group was brought to a hotel room in which Roger conducted an affair with Collins’ wife, Crystal. Maxwell, representing Roger’s fear that the affair was what lead to Crystal’s death.

This fear manifested itself in Roger’s mind as a giant Gundam that Maxwell Collins attempted to kill the team with, until Brob was able to force it off the building and giving Redline the opportunity to commandeer the Gundam. After destroying the Maxwell apparition, the form the Conductor had taken, the Train of Thought malfunctioned released the group from its illusion.

Issue #8
The Vile Vurnier

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
With the psychic baggage of Redline behind them, the party delves into another train car and confronts the demon that haunts Phoenix’s psyche: who is the sinister Doctor Vurnier and what does he want with the Sensational Psionic?

The party dispatched three figments that attempted to impede their progress and found an entrance to the next car of the train. Inside, they were confronted by apparitions of Phoenix’s past. Several years ago, twelve elementary school students at the school where Phoenix was a teacher were murdered by someone called Phillip Vurnier, a self-described doctor who promised he’d explain why he murdered the children if Phoenix would only join him.

In the apparition, a figment of Vurnier appeared to taunt Phoenix, triggering her PTSD, and leading her through a gauntlet of past horrors to a castle, where a superhero, a young boy that referred to Phoenix as his aunt, attacked Vurnier. This boy was then disintegrated by a defensive turret, but from his ashes rose a copy of Phoenix. This ‘Dark Phoenix’ attacked the party, but after Redline was able to destroy the figment of Vurnier, Wicasa and Brob made short work of the Dark Phoenix.

Issue #7
I'm Burning I'm Burning I'm Burning For You

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Now knowing who their enemy is—the bizarre extra-dimensional ape Promethius X—our heroes make their way deeper into the sub-levels of the Basement, but nothing is what it seems in the caverns of psychic illusion that the sinister simian has created—using the heroes’ own memories as the building blocks!

The party pressed deeper into Basement Θ, the more powerful psychic illusions distorting their perceptions and erasing the exit behind them. Forced to board Promethius X‘s Train of Thought, the party came face to face with Redline’s dark past—reliving his failure to save his beloved from a burning building, the guilt at his constant inability to do so. The illusion ended with a showdown by a frozen pond, the manifestations of the first and most recent incarnations of his beloved attacking Redline in the form of a woman of fire.

Issue #6
Weird is the new N.O.R.M.al

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Investigating the strange happenings at Basement Θ, the party encounters strangers: The odd and seemingly Irish Professor Warbucks, and his armored assistant and sidekick Brobdingnagian, a woman with the magical power to transform into a giant. But all is not well within the depths of the Basement. Is the party ready to face the wrath of the monstrous N.O.R.M.?

The party was allowed into Basement Θ, with Warbucks and Brob joining the team, at least for now. They also met a BAD Operative in the base, Roger Candide, who was too distracted to notice the odd happenings because he was elbow deep in writing a novel to shake the ages—or so he believed. In fact, the computer he was typing on didn’t even have a battery, Candide having fallen victim to a psychic illusion.

Celadon Cyclone, fearing her own power turned against the team, elected to stay behind on the upper level while she sent the party and Candide into the Basement’s sub-levels to discover the cause. On the way down, the party encountered strange facsimiles of BAD Soldiers made from an enchanted copying machine, and a huge neurologically controlled robot called NORM. After defeating norm, the party discovered a smattering of books on the floor, including some tufts of hair from paper cuts. When Wicasa determined that hair belonged to some form of ape, a chimpanzee, perhaps, the party realized who they were dealing with:

Promethius X.

Issue #5
Cattle Rustlers from Another World

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Our heroes don’t know what to think when Task Manager sends them after cattle rustlers using a flying saucer as their getaway vehicle, but they may be in for more than they bargained for. What is Basement Θ?

Scarab Man departed the group, called away to aid the Egyptian gods. The party answered the call of a farming couple about their cattle being abducted by aliens, and staked out their barn and fields through the night. In the process, they met a traveling merchant called Wicasa, a native American shaman and fledgling superhero, whose ability to speak with animals allowed him to interview the cows and learn more about the abductions.

Sure enough a strange craft began to steal cattle from the farm that night. The party took the craft down, only to discover that it was a model flying saucer that could be purchased at a hobbyist store, and its cloaking device was a fairly standard (if pricey) military fiber-optic tarp. The only extraterrestrial element was a strange gem attached to the craft that warped space and time, pulling the cows from the farms to an unknown location.

Determining the relatively short range of the flying saucer, the party tracked it north to a quarry where they were surprisingly ambushed by Karen Vandermeer and her BAD Operatives. Though they tried to explain themselves Vandermeer came under the sudden mental dominance of an unknown force and ordered the party’s arrest! After nearly losing Velocity and Wicasa to enemy gun fire, the part managed to incapacitate most of the soldiers.

At that moment a Vulture Transport arrived… and off stepped DOJI member Celadon Cyclone.

Issue #4
Red vs Blue

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Just when they think rest is at hand, our heroes are dragged into another conflict. But this time it’s not just cultists and Z list super-villains: is the party ready to face the might of one of the dreaded Acheron Knights?.

The party tied up the loose ends at the college, as medics and police came to collect the injured cultists and arrest Crowley. As they waited, one of the students at the protest approached Apostle and introduced herself as an old friend of his, Alanis Atreides. Later, as the party returned to Lake Martin in the hopes Task Manager could beam them aboard the Tank for some much-needed rest. Unfortunately the a group of rednecks were still going at it on the lake well past midnight.

Hearing a motor on the road behind them, the party found Alanis on her motorcycle, along with her ‘pet’, a huge vampire bat called Charon. Alanis explained that the Plutonian Empire, the very organization that Alchemist Adrianna had been trying to thwart with her resurrection formula, was going to attack a nearby swamp village that very night. Charon then proceeded to confirm this—by talking. Claiming to be a boatman of the Empire for ten thousand years and recently betrayed by them, Charon was once Alanis’ handler as the teenager also formerly worked for the Empire as Acheron Knight Blue.

Alanis took the party to the village, where they discovered the orders of Hephaestus and Hecate, alchemists and soldiers of the aliens ancient Greece worshiped as gods, along with a strange being known as Green Girl—as well as the escaped Adrianna. Before even baseline trust could be established, an attack force led by Acheron Knight Red beamed in.

A fight broke out between the villagers and Alanis on one side, and the attack force led by Acheron Red on the other; caught in the middle, the party helped defend the village, Velocity evacuating everyone to a transport. Eventually Acheron Red fell to Phoenix’s mental blast, and the transport escaped. The Plutonian Forces attempted to retreat, but their teleportation spell was thwarted by an attack from Velocity, causing it to scramble their molecules and disintegrate the lot of them.

In the aftermath of the battle, the remaining Hephaestus soldiers set fire to the abandoned village just before Task Manager crashed the Tank through the inferno, while Alanis contacted Apostle to have the Red Acheron Knight beamed up to the Guardtower for incarceration.

Annual #1
By All Means, Say the Zed Word

FC – 44 Pages – $3.99
In this double-length special, our heroes confront the duplicitous Doctor Mortificer on her secret experiments. Let’s hope they have the brains to deal with all those Zombies! Then, the group goes back to school—to deal with the villainous Johnny Crowley and his latest incomprehensible scheme.

The party confronted Susan Mortificer and her accomplice, an Alchemist for the Order of Hecate called Adrienne. The two claimed they were attempting to resurrect the dead in order to deprive the Plutonian Empire of souls used to power their evil technosorcery. However noble their intentions may have been, the party pointed out that raising people into this horrific undeath against their wills was extremely unethical and convinced Mortificer to turn on the Alchemist. The Alchemist fled the scene, but soon the Z-List Supervillain Fun-Guy showed up and controlled the zombies to attack the party. After a few close calls, the party took down Fun-Guy, while Task Manager considered the prospect of having Susan join the team.

After the party’s promised pizza party, they got another message from Task Manager telling them to head to the local college campus, where they discovered Johnny Crowley had summoned a Devil in the middle of the courtyard. A mob of angry students and clergy had gathered to protest, and the New Guardsman Apostle had appeared to keep the protest from turning into a blood bath. Glad to have help from other heroes, including Redline and his ability to damage the Devil, Apostle prepared a ritual that would banish the demon while the party tried… with moderate success… to run interference.

Issue Three

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Body-snatchers in the Bayou! Task Manager gets wind of the dead vanishing from a Louisiana hospital’s morgue and sends the team to investigate with the help of their amazing new mobile operating base. But what happens when the dead start looking for them?

After some investigation and a stakeout, the team discovered that the bodies were stealing themselves! Awakening as zombies in the middle of the night, the cadavers would dress in second hand clothing shoved into one of the empty cold storage lockers and escape by shambling out the back door, where a moving truck was waiting to collect them.

Velocity followed the truck to a warehouse, where the party discovered that the medical examiner Susan Mortificer was working with an unknown alchemist to perfect a chemical resurrection compound. The party believes Mortificer can be reasoned with—but fear that an abrupt entrance will just start a fight. (To be continued)

Campaign Soft Reboot

Three weeks have passed since the party went beneath the waters of New Cityton Harbor, took command of Barracuda’s tank, and salvaged the teleportation control matrix from the destroyed Guardtower. Though there were several smaller patrols, no major operations have gone down since then, and Task Manager has been silent for the past few days.

During one of the patrols, Rusty stopped an attack on the hip-hop star Infamous H.U.G.E.—prompting him to hire her as a full-time body guard at a salary better than what Task Manager could offer. The Influence also stopped working with the party, rather abruptly and with little by the way of explanation.

However, the mobile base has been set up, the teleporter is installed and linked with the Guardtower teleporter in orbit, allowing the mobile base a teleportation range of 300 Miles outgoing, though only within sensor range (currently 300 Yards) incoming.

The tank is capable of traveling up to 40 MPH / 64 KPH over land, and is powered by a small nuclear reactor that won’t need to be refueled until 2114.

The team still hasn’t decided on a name, or what to call the stolen amphibious tank.

Your Characters

Your characters remain at Power Level 10, though they may wish to take new Benefit Advantages or Complications based on the fact of having the Base. For example, might the mobile base paint a target on you and you’d feel better if it were out of sight, like say at the bottom of a lake? Or might the base’s mobile laboratory be your character’s little slice of paradise?

Please take no more than two of each.


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