Zoya Cherenova

The Woman


Centuries ago there were two holy warriors, lovers and partners in arms. They came into conflict with a witch of great ambition and power, but in their final triumph over her, they fell victim to her final curse: their souls were bound to reincarnate again and again throughout the ages, and each would always watch the other die. A few months ago, the heroic fireman Christof Alkaev was to take his turn losing his love—though he had hardly met Zoya Cherenova, rescuing her from a burning building when the curse was feeling particularly spiteful.

But then something happened that the witch could never have anticipated: the Universes merged together. As the temporal thread of Zoya’s life unwound in that Moscow apartment fire, the Zoya Cherenova of Earth 727, a Russian American business woman in Seattle, came into abrupt existence, and the unraveling thread of one Zoya’s life seized on and joined the other.

Zoya Cherenova, the young CEO of Divinity Cosmetics, is a shrewed business mind and excellent negotiator. Her relative youth and striking beauty disarm those who underestimate her until it’s too late for them. Though she is comfortable and wealthy, the sudden surge of unease when the two Earths merged together has not gone away—instead the dreams have only increased, dreams of seeming past lives and adventures. She feels there is some dark force stalking her in the shadows of the universe, something familiar, yet with no name she can recall.

She and her therapist both agree that it’s the stress of her job, but only the therapist actually believes that.


Zoya Cherenova

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