Shaman teenager. Who is tall. And pointing. Goats optional.


Power Point totals: Abilities 24, Powers 49, Advantages 6, Skills 38, defenses 20 (Total: 137)


Strength: 1

Agility: -2

Fighting: 1
Awareness: 5
Stamina: 1
Dexterity: 3
Intellect: 3
Presence: 0


Dodge: -2
Parry: 7
Fortitude: 8
Toughness: 8 (1 + 7 )
Will: 12


Staff Attack (1; 4 damage (Strength Based) )
Bow Attack (
13; damage 6)
Damaging Move Earth (6 damage)


Element Control Earth: rank 10(22 pts) Perception Ranged Move Object, limited to element, Alternate Effects)

Alternate Effect 1: Damaging Move Object Rank 6 (6 dmg)
Alternative Effect 2: Continuous Create Earth Rank 5

Element Control Plant: Rank 5 (10 pts. Perception Ranged Move Object, Limited to Plants)

Earth’s Embrace (Healing: Rank 10 (Stabilize, Others Only) )

Mountain Goat’s Perserverence (Sustained Protection: Rank 7 (7 pts) )


Animal Empathy
Equipment (Rank 2)


Athletics (1)
Close Combat, Staff: 1
Deception: 0
Insight: 15 (5 + 10)
Intimidation: 0
Investigation: 13 (3 + 10)
Perception: 15 (5 10)
Persuasion: 0
Ranged Combat: Bow (13; 3 + 10)
Ranged Combat: Earth Control (13; 3
Expertise: Magic (9 (3+6))
Expertise: Medicine (7 (3+4) )
Expertise: Nature ( 7 (3+4) )
Stealth: -2
Treatment: 15 (3 + 12 )


A 17 year old Shaman who sells food, necessities, arts, and crafts from his tribe in South Dakota. Wicasa has been working at this since he was 13, if not a little longer. He tries to keep a cheery attitude about things, being a little charismatic to get people to buy his stuff. He suffers from a condition known as Gigantism, caused by a huge, but benign tumor on the pituary gland which causes an overproduction of human growth hormone.

In other words, he’s 8 feet tall and gangly, with the weight of hospital bills on his shoulders. Several side effects of this condition make him normally unapprochable by people with some sort of standards: he sweats a lot (and smells like a goat), he gets relatively frequent headaches, and possibly the most annoying one from his perspective: his muscles have a tendency to feel weak at times and rather fatigued, with the muscles in his left leg hardly cooperating with him at all. He carries a staff with him to stabilize himself, but sometimes, not even that helps. No matter what, he can’t keep up with normal people even if he sprints somehow, nevermind the likes of Velocity.

Wicasa doesn’t have any particular goal, aside from being the best person he can be and learn more about the world around him. Becoming one with the elements isn’t that bad of a goal either. And paying off hospital bills. And maybe getting a pet. And definitely going to medical school, can’t forget that!

IN A NUTSHELL (Complications)


Motivation: Responsibility (Wicasa wants to walk the path of all other shamans before him; not only that, he wishes to be more adult in a lot of ways. He wants to be responsible with the powers he learned and use it for the benefit of all, instead of for selfish reasons.)

Disability: Gigantism (Aside from making Wiscasa so much taller than the average human, he’s prone to severe headaches and muscle aches, as well as general weakness, from time to time. It’s because of this that his left leg can hardly handle his weight without a staff half the time.)

Volatile Anger (While able to handle most situations, he tends to swallow up his anger in favor of keeping the peace or trying to keep the façade of being a level-headed person. Unfortunately, too much bottling up of this anger can lead to a very volatile burst of emotion.)

Prejudice: Disability (Giants are cool. Scrawny, tall humans who sweat like no tomorrow and collapse out of nowhere and limps around everywhere with a cane? Yeah, right, no. He’s rather sensitive to comments about his smell and people staring at his hands and feet, which are bigger with thick fingers and toes, for way too long.)


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