The Overlich

King of the Undead


The Overlich (Arnold Blase) – A powerful necromancer, Arnold Blase was once an ordinary human with a sick fantasy of being the priest of Death itself. Eventually he was merged with a fragment of a dark power from beyond and became one of the world’s greatest Supervillains—the Overlich. Able to raise the dead, summon spirits, and in command of considerable sorcerous talents, Blase is a feared figure within the supervillain community. His interdimensional fortress the Necroverge is ever the forboding sight, and villains who have crossed Blase have ended up dragged off there by animated skeletons in the middle of the night.

Some years ago the universe learned that Blase and his Overlich powers were simply aspects of a much greater force, known as the True Overlich, a powerful undead creature whose dark power had killed every living thing in its own universe and reanimated them as shambling undead. The True Overlich was last seen during a battle called the Penultimate Crisis, in which it was resurrected by the sacrifice of a reformed demon called Hell Knight. Once the True Overlich lived again, its necromantic powers were broken and Arnold Blase regained his own free will.


The Overlich

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