The New Guardsmen

Champions of Earth 5.2


The New Guardsmen (A Listers)

Jeeves (Jarvis Butler) – Knightman’s butler, he took the codename Jeeves for public relations purposes and merchandizing, as well as to protect Knightman’s secret identity. (Archetype: Gadgeteer; Inspiration: Alfred Pennyworth)

Knightman (Bryce Banner) – Billionaire industrialist by day, crime fighter by night. Though moderately adept with technology himself, Knightman’s power armor comes from the tech division of his multinational corporation, Armoire Industries. After ballet dancer Grant Dillon was orphaned by a mob gunman at the age of eleven, Bryce adopted him and eventually trained him as an apprentice, formerly known as Knightboy, but now going by Paladin. Recently, he’s trained a young computer genius Melanie Black as his new sidekick Knightgirl. (Archetype: Crimefighter, Inspiration: Batman)

Captain Amazing II (Dominic Patrick) – A Mexican-Albanian-American who immigrated to the United States with his parents as a young boy, Dom thought he was orphaned when a spaceship bearing the last survivors of a distant planet crashed into his Kansas home. Mourning in the radioactive wreckage, Dom’s body was transformed into the peak of human perfection and beyond. Fortunately his parents arrived home from the grocery store soon after, little knowing what their son had become. They soon moved to New Cityton, where Dom, in a spat with some muggers, broke their ribs. The fight was witnessed by Silver Age hero Captain Amazing, who took the five-year-old on as a sidekick, Kid Amazing. Twenty years later, he’s one of the most powerful heroes of the Guardsmen and has vowed to protect the world from alien invaders and careless refugees. (Archetype: Paragon, Inspiration: Superman)

Apostle (??) – An Apostle of the vague existentialist notion of ‘god’, this young hero joined the New Guardsmen at the summons of Jeeves when the original Guardsmen were kidnapped. Apostle can channel immense magical powers, but only to heal and augment, not to attack. Generally laid back and calm, Apostle is an invaluable member of a team that finds itself constantly getting hurt. (Archetype: Mystic, Inspiration: Zatanna+Raven)

Bluejay (Sine) – Formerly Nightwalker, Bluejay is a metahuman whose has no outright super powers, yet has an enhanced metabolism, immune system, and recovery factor that make her better at everything, accelerating her beyond the common human. In addition, she has built a custom series of orb-launchers that fire a variety of specialized ammunition. (Archetype: Crimefighter, Inspiration: Black Canary)

Tachyon (Tara “Kenzi” MacKenzie) – Trapped by her evil supervisor in an experimental Tachyon Collider in Brussels, Belgium, a burst of energy poured through the young scientist’s body, granting her an affinity for faster than light subatomic particles. Using her powers to become a superhero called Tachyon, Kenzi brought her supervisor to justice and swore to write her thesis and protect the planet—not necessarily in that order. (Archetype: Speedster, Inspiration: Jessie Quick/The Flash)

Prime (Vazar Dagjj) – A dinosaur-man from the year 80 Million BC, Vazar put himself in suspended animation after a plague wiped out the majority of his race. As the continents shifted, his laboratory was plunged into the Marianas Trench until it was discovered in 1998 by a scientific expedition. His body was damaged and had to be restored with cyborg parts, but Vazar awoke as the ball dropped at the dawn of a new century. After acclimating himself to modern times, his refrain became “You ruined it, you damn dirty apes ruined it!” Vazar eventually came around and joined the Guardsmen, intending to clean up the mess of the human race. Using powerful weapons from his ancient civilization, he fights crime and puts a stop to violence. (Archetype: Gadgeteer, Inspiration: Madame Vastra, Cyborg)

Titania (Sparrow McKay) – An adopted child who believed herself to be entirely human learned a startling secret on her 18th birthday: she was in fact, the last descendent of the queen of the sidhe. Secreted away in the human world to protect her from the Iron Army and their leader, the treacherous Amazon Toxophile. Retrieving Excalibur from the bottom of Loch Ness, Sparrow took up the battle against Toxophile and her dark forces—in this world and in the Faelands. (Archetype: Warrior; Inspiriation: Wonder Woman, Amethyst)


The New Guardsmen

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