Task Manager

Harmonizing Heroine


Real Name: Harmony Conner
Identity: Secret
Age: 27
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blood Red (naturally brown)


Harmony Conner was a computer science student at Berkley, and was on her way home to her parents in Idaho when a car accident changed the trajectory of her life. Though she lost her right leg in the accident, some hidden potential was unlocked within her.

In five short years, Harmony quickly excelled beyond her education in computer technology, and began pursing a second degree in physics, even as she began to formulate a design in her mind: a digitally generated telepathic carrier wave that could be used to coordinate and communicate across vast distances without the need for any technological medium. Once she had perfected the prototype, Harmony took the code name Task Manager and sought out a group of superheroes to gather together—something there was a new abundance of, given the sudden merger of her world with another.

…As to why she looks identical to Diskord… who knows?

Task Manager

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