Roger Candide

The Man, the Myth, the Legend


On Earth 5.2, Roger Candide was the director of the government agency BULWARK, a group dedicated to fighting metahuman terrorism. Because BULWARK and the Earth 727 agency known as the Men Against Darkness were not shielded from the merger, the two agencies were quantum-amalgamated into Bulwark Against Darkness, or B. A. D. — and Roger Candide’s history was altered from director of BULWARK to manager of Basement ϴ.

When the party discovered him, Candide was sitting at a powered-down computer typing away, convinced by psychic forces that he was chipping away at his masterpiece, a great American novel about Regency London.

Roger’s son Robert is also a Superhero by the code name of Gauntlet, based in Uberton, while his wife Miho is a skilled ninja who fell in love with Roger while he was on assignment in Japan in the 80s.


Roger Candide

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