Promethius X

Abominable Avenging Ape


A strange psychic ape creature the party first discovered at the bottom of the New Cityton Harbor, Prometheus X bargained with the party to get off the crashed Guardtower. Prometheus X claimed he had been left there two years ago when Guartower was knocked out of orbit and had to be crashed into another dimension to prevent it from slamming into New Cityton. After the party disabled the reactor that was keeping Promethius X’s life support force-field active, he mysteriously disappeared.

Promethius X later resurfaced, having infiltrated the secret base known as Basement Θ and using artifacts stored there to enhance his psychic powers. In order to take revenge against the New Guardsmen, allegedly for leaving him to die on the space station as it crashed, he had planned to raise the army of Lilliput and use the Liminas Stone to supply them with materials and technology that they could then use to bolster their army and attack the normal-sized world.

Promethius X was knocked unconscious by a single punch from Velocity and taken into custody on the Guardtower. Jeeves even brought the real Prometheus, demonstrating that whoever X says or thinks he is, he’s not the creature that Bluejay rescued from an animal research lab two years ago.


Promethius X

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