Elemental Evildoer


Misty (Tara Obe) – A witch girl from Kyoto who dedicated herself to protecting her neighborhood from street gangs and Yakuza, Obe grew more desperate with every failure, every death, every life ruined, until she was poisoned by her own rage. She drank from the Crystal Chalice, a black magic artifact long guarded by her coven.

The Chalice transformed her into a water elemental and granted her immense power, but further fueled her rage. Obe murdered the Yakuza indiscriminately and when authorities attempted to apprehend her, she attacked them as well. In time, Obe came to control the rage born of the Chalice, but refuses to be contained in a prison, believing her actions were justified. As the world has branded her a supervillain, she has stepped up to the role, aiming to tear down society and build a new one where laws will never serve those who prey on the weak. Her name comes from the vapor aura that surrounds her, an omen of her presence to those unlucky enough to warrant her direct attention.

Her sister, a DOJI operative codenamed Aysu, attempted to make contact with her during the Mastermind City incident a year ago, but hasn’t been heard from since the Century University campus was hurled through space-time.



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