Johnny Crowley

Iniquity Incarnate, Incarcerated


The Jolly Jester of Sin, Johnny Crowley, was once a stand-up comedian until his political incorrect humor got him increasingly ostracized. As it became harder and harder to find gigs, Johnny became bitter, blaming everyone for his inability to find work instead of his own down-punching humor. Eventually he resorted to crime to make ends meat, petty robberies, jewel heists, etc…

One day, a heist went south, Knightman interrupting as Crowley tried to steal a mystical talisman from a cult of the evil god Drekmor. Caught in the crossfire between the superhero and the villains he was trying to rob, Johnny cried out to Knightman to save him… but over the din of the gunshots Knightman couldn’t hear him.

Something else did, however: the dark essence of Drekmor in the talisman answered Johnny’s prayer, giving him power, charisma, and an unyielding hatred of Knightman. Becoming a worshiper of the Evil Lord, Johnny dedicated his life to making the whole world laugh at the pointlessness of life.

He is currently incarcerated in LaFayette after a confrontation with the Team With No Name and Apostle.


Johnny Crowley

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