Doctor Satano

Mister Ironic


Doctor Satano (Armando Delgado) – A brilliant scientist and supernatural skeptic, Delgado set out to rip open the dimensional barriers and prove that there was nothing beyond the mortal realm—no heaven or hell, no angels or demons. He got more than he bargained for, though, when something horrible from beyond the planes came through his rip and transformed him into a grim parody of the devils he sought to disprove. Delgado swore revenge, believing that he could rid the world of the supernatural by force, and set out to enforce rationality with his mad science and occult powers.

Satano was part of the governing body of Mastermind City during the incident a year ago, but escaped once the dome shield came down. He wasn’t seen again until over sixteen months later, when the Troubleshooters encountered him in West Covina, California. He teleported away, but according to a Sidhe Oracle was helping her raise an army of mutants to fight off invaders in the Faerie Realm, though it’s reasonable to suspect he had ulterior motives.

His current whereabouts are unknown.


Doctor Satano

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