Defenders of Justice International

Protectors of Earth-727


Ultrawoman (Sarah Gates) – A half-alien Nuclear Physicist, Ultrawoman is the newest member of the DOJ, only joining after years of pressure and the exposure of her secret identity. Her abilities are primarily derived from her ability to absorb and expel radiation, an ability inherited by her son Kyle. (Archetype: Paragon, Inspiration: Captain Marvel [Carol Danvers])

Iron Valkyrie II – (Amelia Loch) – Once a body guard to Korean mafia boss Sung Doo Hwan, the young wizard sacrificed herself to save the daughter of assassin Black Adder and interrupt the Overlich’s ritual to resurrect Iron Valkyrie as his thrall. Amy’s body and mind were bonded to a partially reconstituted Iron Valkyrie. Amy took up the heroic mantle, despite her misgivings, at the urging of the original Valkyrie’s close friends. (Archetype: Warrior, Inspiration: Thor/Linda Danvers)

Orion (Collin Landrow) – Swedish leader of the Defenders of Justice, Orion essentially stepped up to be the superhuman figure the world rallied around after the death of the first Iron Valkyrie. He’s a huge blond man with golden armor and a long red cape. His powers come from the Norse god Freya, his great, great, great grandmother, and included flight and invulnerability. Though he walks the line with the UN, he secretly endorses extrajudicial killings and other morally questionable tactics in fighting super villains. (Archetype: Paragon, Inspiration: Sentry)

Delta – (Armand Bead) a burly black British man who was once deep-crust geologist who cared more about his work than his fellow man. Armand tapped into the life force of Earth itself via his connection with a dying purple alien called G’tholitep, buried deep below the earth’s surface. Now he manipulates the Earth’s energy into any construct he desires. (Archetype: Energy Controller, Inspiration: Green Lantern, Doctor Strange)

Techknight (Tony Valiant) – Though he’s battled alcoholism for years, Tony is currently clean and doing his best to stay that way. His company, Valiant Incorporated, provides much of the Defenders funding. He fights crime protected within a robotic exoskeleton that enhances his strength and uses nanites to control technological systems around him. (Archetype: Battlesuit, Inspiration: Iron Man)

Celadon Cyclone II (Maria Montoya) – The youngest member of the core Defenders, Maria Montoya took up the cowl when her aunt Kate, the first Cyclone, was killed by Red Talon. She desperately seeks to prove herself in the male-dominated halls of the Defenders. Her power is to control the wind around her, throwing hurricane-force winds at bad guys and riding atop tiny but powerful tornados. (Archetype: Energy Controller, Inspiration: Red Tornado)

Superego (D’rak D’ekando) – A powerful psychic from the sealed away Jovian Empire, D’rak was cursed with an ability to see into the mind of every human he meets, but an inability to comprehend humanity on the most basic levels. Eventually, he melded his mind with Orion’s, completely accepting Orion’s sense of morality as his own. His primary purpose now is global coordination of the Defenders through psychic broadcasts, only engaging enemies directly in dire emergencies. (Archetype: Psionic, Inspiration: Professor X, Martian Manhunter.)

Black Adder (Chun Hei Lee) – Former Korean Triad assassin, who lost her metahuman powers during the Mastermind City Crisis. However, Black Adder has not lost her edge, or her dark side. Unofficial black ops and espionage specialist of the DOJI, Adder disappears those figures that need disappearing at the behest of Orion. In the meantime she balances her time between her polyamorous relationship with Amy Loch and the Star Goddess Andromeda, and mothering her daughter San, who is half human and half supernova. (Archetype: Weaponmaster, Inspiration: Black Widow)


Defenders of Justice International

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