Amelia Loch

A Wizard Who Did It


The Scottish-born Amelia Loch was in trouble from a young age, realizing she was gay but never finding acceptance from her parents. She spent much of her time getting into fights committing petty crimes for most of her childhood. One day she got into a fight she couldn’t win with a local supervillain, who severely thrashed her and moved into the kill. Instinctually tapping into the mystic ley lines, Amy suddenly discovered her bloodline’s long dormant magic power and used it to escape to her home, teleporting onto the kitchen table just as her mother was setting it for dinner.

After explaining what had happened to a panic-stricken Amy, her mother arranged for her to travel to her grandmother’s home in the Korean countryside to learn the mastery of her magic. Amy spent five years learning how to channel her powers, but eventually, her grandmother’s age caught up with her, and she became unable to teach Amy any further. Needing to pay for lessons and her grandmother’s medical bills, Amy took odd jobs all over Korea until she was hired as the personal body guard for a Korean mafia lieutenant Chun Doo Hwan (no relation to the former president of South Korea).

Not realizing his criminal connections until she found herself delivering a check to the very supervillain that had nearly killed her five years earlier, by that time Amy was in far too deep to simply walk away. Chun Doo Hwan was moved to the Millennium City branch of Triad operations and stuck there when the supervillain alliance known as the Masterminds took over the city.

Protecting her boss through a gangwar and then falling in love with Triad assassin Black Adder—who ironically was in town to kill her boss when the Masterminds’ dome appeared—and vowing to help rescue Adder’s demigod daughter, San, who the Masterminds had kidnapped for nefarious purposes.

Amy made good on that promise; when the Masterminds attempted to use San’s immense power to resurrect and enslave the Iron Valkyrie, Loch threw herself into the machine and pushed San out of it. Instead of the raw cosmic power of the child, Amy’s magical talent and soul were bonded with the remains of the Iron Valkyrie, fusing the two into a new being.

Along with agents of the D.O.J.I., Amy defeated the Masterminds and joined the team, severing her ties with the Triads for good.

Amy’s Iron Valkyrie form looks rather different than the original.


Amelia Loch

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