Acheron Knight (Blue)

Bishojo Senshi Former Guardsman


Acheron Knight (Alanis Atreides) – A sophomore at St. Bart’s High School in New Cityton, Alanis Atreides received her powers when her companion the talking bat Charon swooped down and dropped a magic bracelet from the Plutonian Empire in her lap. Using the bracelet to tap the power of the Eldritch Star, Alanis could transform into a magic warrior called Acheron Knight. Unfortunately Alanis was never the quickest on the uptake, and didn’t realize something important: The Plutonian Empire is evil!

After serving briefly with the New Guardsmen, Alanis left to fight alongside the other four Acheron Knights. When she finally came to realize that her powers were evil, Alanis destroyed the Eldritch Star and kidnapped Charon, believing their friendship to be stronger than his loyalty to Queen Persephone.

She was wrong. In the process of returning to Earth, Alanis’ spaceship was shot down over Jupiter when Charon gave the Plutonians their coordinates—and to his surprise they repaid his years of service by attempting to destroy them both. Fortunately she was rescued by Olympians, who altered her bracelet to function with a new power source. Now using Charon’s knowledge of the empire and his thirst for revenge, Alanis opposes the empire she once served, as well as her former allies, while trying to make it through her first year of college.

It’s not quite clear which will be more difficult at this point.


Acheron Knight (Blue)

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