D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #7

I'm Burning I'm Burning I'm Burning For You

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Now knowing who their enemy is—the bizarre extra-dimensional ape Promethius X—our heroes make their way deeper into the sub-levels of the Basement, but nothing is what it seems in the caverns of psychic illusion that the sinister simian has created—using the heroes’ own memories as the building blocks!

The party pressed deeper into Basement Θ, the more powerful psychic illusions distorting their perceptions and erasing the exit behind them. Forced to board Promethius X‘s Train of Thought, the party came face to face with Redline’s dark past—reliving his failure to save his beloved from a burning building, the guilt at his constant inability to do so. The illusion ended with a showdown by a frozen pond, the manifestations of the first and most recent incarnations of his beloved attacking Redline in the form of a woman of fire.



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