D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #6

Weird is the new N.O.R.M.al

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Investigating the strange happenings at Basement Θ, the party encounters strangers: The odd and seemingly Irish Professor Warbucks, and his armored assistant and sidekick Brobdingnagian, a woman with the magical power to transform into a giant. But all is not well within the depths of the Basement. Is the party ready to face the wrath of the monstrous N.O.R.M.?

The party was allowed into Basement Θ, with Warbucks and Brob joining the team, at least for now. They also met a BAD Operative in the base, Roger Candide, who was too distracted to notice the odd happenings because he was elbow deep in writing a novel to shake the ages—or so he believed. In fact, the computer he was typing on didn’t even have a battery, Candide having fallen victim to a psychic illusion.

Celadon Cyclone, fearing her own power turned against the team, elected to stay behind on the upper level while she sent the party and Candide into the Basement’s sub-levels to discover the cause. On the way down, the party encountered strange facsimiles of BAD Soldiers made from an enchanted copying machine, and a huge neurologically controlled robot called NORM. After defeating norm, the party discovered a smattering of books on the floor, including some tufts of hair from paper cuts. When Wicasa determined that hair belonged to some form of ape, a chimpanzee, perhaps, the party realized who they were dealing with:

Promethius X.



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