D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #4

Red vs Blue

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Just when they think rest is at hand, our heroes are dragged into another conflict. But this time it’s not just cultists and Z list super-villains: is the party ready to face the might of one of the dreaded Acheron Knights?.

The party tied up the loose ends at the college, as medics and police came to collect the injured cultists and arrest Crowley. As they waited, one of the students at the protest approached Apostle and introduced herself as an old friend of his, Alanis Atreides. Later, as the party returned to Lake Martin in the hopes Task Manager could beam them aboard the Tank for some much-needed rest. Unfortunately the a group of rednecks were still going at it on the lake well past midnight.

Hearing a motor on the road behind them, the party found Alanis on her motorcycle, along with her ‘pet’, a huge vampire bat called Charon. Alanis explained that the Plutonian Empire, the very organization that Alchemist Adrianna had been trying to thwart with her resurrection formula, was going to attack a nearby swamp village that very night. Charon then proceeded to confirm this—by talking. Claiming to be a boatman of the Empire for ten thousand years and recently betrayed by them, Charon was once Alanis’ handler as the teenager also formerly worked for the Empire as Acheron Knight Blue.

Alanis took the party to the village, where they discovered the orders of Hephaestus and Hecate, alchemists and soldiers of the aliens ancient Greece worshiped as gods, along with a strange being known as Green Girl—as well as the escaped Adrianna. Before even baseline trust could be established, an attack force led by Acheron Knight Red beamed in.

A fight broke out between the villagers and Alanis on one side, and the attack force led by Acheron Red on the other; caught in the middle, the party helped defend the village, Velocity evacuating everyone to a transport. Eventually Acheron Red fell to Phoenix’s mental blast, and the transport escaped. The Plutonian Forces attempted to retreat, but their teleportation spell was thwarted by an attack from Velocity, causing it to scramble their molecules and disintegrate the lot of them.

In the aftermath of the battle, the remaining Hephaestus soldiers set fire to the abandoned village just before Task Manager crashed the Tank through the inferno, while Alanis contacted Apostle to have the Red Acheron Knight beamed up to the Guardtower for incarceration.



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