D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #14

Enter the Troubleshooters

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Doctor Satano and his new ally have the sexy detective Benjamin Smoulderpatch in a bind, trapped between a bear and… another bear. Does the team have what it takes to deal with the machinations of an A-List super-villain and save the Private Eye from becoming Spotted Dick?

The party confronted the two villains behind the operation, but Doctor Satano quickly teleported away from the action. The remaining foes, two huge mutant bears and a Sidhe Oracle, fought the party tooth and rapier. While Wicasa created a wall of earth around Smoulderpatch, Velocity ran to a nearby store and stole all the food he could carry to distract the two bears; meanwhile Phoenix and Redline engaged the Oracle, whose supernatural toughness failed her at the wrong moment, allowing Redline to deliver a devastating blow.

Fearing for her safety, the Oracle offered a deal to be spared in exchange for information about breaking his curse. After forcing the Oracle to add a promise not to harm any more mortals to the bargain, the party acquiesced and let the Oracle leave. The Oracle told him that the nature of the upturned curse came from death and life coexisting, and that they could unravel the mystery by returning to where the curse was cast—which was back in Russia.

Learning that they could not travel internationally without registering with the United Nations or the DOJI, the team finally chose a name, the Troubleshooters, and contrived for Wicasa to be legally declared Phoenix’s sidekick to get around his underage status. In the short term, the team was invited to a gala that Zoya Cherenova is holding in Napa, but whether they make it to the party is anyone’s guess.



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