D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #13

The Curious Case of Benjamin Smoulderpatch

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
Who is The Woman on the Billboard and why does a cosmetics CEO need the help of a private investigator and superheroes? Redline takes a step closer to answers… and to Ninjas!

The party goes into research mode and discovers that the woman who looks like Redline’s lover Stefana is named Zoya Cherenova and runs a very successful cosmetics corporation out of her office in West Covina, California. Traveling to the West Coast, the team learns that Cherenova hired a private investigator, Benjamin Smoulderpatch, to look into shipments of her company’s cosmetics that were going missing. Unfortunately, the detective has been out of contact and Zoya fears that he has been captured or killed.

The party investigates Smoulderpatch’s house and finds that it has been ransacked—and the culprit is still there. A Ninja of the Scarred-Skull was hired to destroy any evidence the detective may have acquired, but the party was able to put him out and learn that whoever hired him was using a local junkyard as a base of operations.

Velocity waited with the Ninja for the police to arrive while the rest of the party scouted the junk yard. There, they discovered a shocking sight: Doctor Satano of the Masterminds and a strange magic using woman—a woman who could see Phoenix’s remote viewing projection!



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