D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #12

Punked in Podunk

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
The party has finally met Task Manager face to face and nobody knows what to make of it. Will the party still trust their benefactor after last issue’s shocking reveal?

Velocity and Phoenix have to politely inform Harmony and her family that Harmony looks exactly like a cosmic-powered supervillain that the party met months ago in New Cityton, and who had an unexpected cameo in Velocity’s nightmare sequence on the Train of Thought. Perplexed and distraught, Harmony claims to have no idea why she and Diskord look alike, speculating on the fact that Diskord is a shapeshifter and could actually look like anything, to actually asking Rachel if Harmony has a long lost evil twin.

Meanwhile, Harmony realizes to her horror that Sarah and Rachel’s memories about their past don’t match up with hers, in which the adopted younger girl had never actually met Harmony until the accident that took her leg and—Rachel speculates—may have activated a dormant super-intelligence meta-gene in Harmony.

On the other side of town, Wicasa and Warbucks discover that the fire was delibrately started, and Wicasa learns from local water spirits that the flames had a sentience of their own and a desire to burn. Interrogating a group of cosplayers who witnessed the fire, the party learned that one person present at the convention, Emelia, was not a cosplayer but an actual flame elemental fleeing a boyfriend (or parole officer?) named Ralph. After talking to a small dog, Wicasa followed its nose around the bend to see Emelia sucked into what appeared to be a Pokeball by a nondescript man with significant magical ability. Deducing that this was ‘Ralph’ the party confronted him, only for him to flee and attempt to erase the memories of the encounter from the party’s minds, claiming to be a member of the ‘Physics Police’ and from another universe.

The memory erasure did not work, and Redline latched onto his escape vehicle, a cardboard TARDIS replica, only to be knocked off when this ‘CARDIS’ smashed into a billboard. Of course what Redline saw on the billboard would have stopped him in his tracks, even if he hadn’t fallen fifty feet onto a children’s springy duck toy: the woman who he has been searching for….

Advertising lipstick.



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