D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #11

Discordant Harmonies

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
The party tries to have some down time in the unremarkable town of Podunk, Idaho, when a fire breaks out at a nearby apartment complex. And that’s not the weirdest part: it just so happens to be the residence of Task Manager’s mom!

The party drove the Tank from South Dakota to Idaho and stopped for a ludicrously large meal at a martial-arts themed burger joint, Brob and Velocity being the heaviest eaters. During the meal Task Manager alerted the heroes to an apartment fire in Podunk just a few miles from their location. The party leaped into action, rescuing all the tenants from the building. Two of those tenants happened to be Rachel and Sarah Conner, Task Manager’s mother and adopted sister. The party split up after everyone was rescued, with Phoenix, Brob, and Velocity taking Sarah and Rachel to the home of Task Manager, also known as Harmony Conner while the rest of the party stayed behind to investigate the fire.

Phoenix and Velocity got the surprise of their lives, however, upon meeting Harmony for the first time and realizing she looks exactly like Diskord, minus a leg.



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