D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Issue #10

Good Job Breaking It, Heroes

FC – 22 Pages – $2.99
The tiny air force takes flight! Deep beneath the quarry, on the lowest sub-level of Basement Θ, Promethius X reveals his mad scheme, and the mystery of the stolen cows is finally solved.

After coming out of their trance in Sublevel 4, the party discovered that they had been wondering around for nearly four hours. Proceeding to Sublevel 5, the heroes discovered Promethius X and two strange Gold and Blue-clad soldiers standing in front of a huge sphere inside which a city and the surrounding countryside contained with in it, miniaturized. Candide explained that the city was called Mildendo, and it was the capital of Lilliput, a fragment of a destroyed Micro-Universe.

A fight broke out between the party and the two Lilliputian soldiers, whose-quantum containment suits made them formidable fighters; Promethius X meditated on top of the Sphere, calling forth reinforcements from Mildendo in the form of the Lilliputian airforce, enhanced with technology that allowed them to achieve a 1:64 scale integration with the outside universe. The party was able to dispatch the planes before they did any serious damage, though one of them used some sort of intoxicant missile on Brob.

Brob hurled a three-ton metal crate at the last three Bombers that emerged, but in the process also hit the Sphere, causing a fracture in the warp bubble. Fearing the destruction of Lilliput and the Basement, Candide convinced one of the soldiers to break off from the fight and help him put a temporary seal on the fracture until an actual quantum physicist could look at it.

The other Soldier grew erratic and furiously stabbed Redline, rendering him unconscious, but then Velocity waylaid Promethius X with a flurry of punches. With the psychic influence of the “Ape Lord” no longer clouding his doubts, the Soldier began to question his orders and the party was able to talk him down. The party and the soldier compared notes, realizing that Promethius X had been manipulating the Lilliputians with his psychic powers; he suppressed their doubts while spinning a yarn that the United Nations were planning to invade Lilliput and conquer it, and began preparing a Lilliputian invasion army of his own, though what X hoped to conquer with them is unclear.

After the rupture had been sealed and Velocity had run into town to get everyone some food, the party was debriefed by Celadon Cyclone, even as representatives of the New Guardsmen and DOJI appeared at Basement Θ in response to the security breach. The question remains to be decided: what to do with Promethius X?



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