D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

Annual #1

By All Means, Say the Zed Word

FC – 44 Pages – $3.99
In this double-length special, our heroes confront the duplicitous Doctor Mortificer on her secret experiments. Let’s hope they have the brains to deal with all those Zombies! Then, the group goes back to school—to deal with the villainous Johnny Crowley and his latest incomprehensible scheme.

The party confronted Susan Mortificer and her accomplice, an Alchemist for the Order of Hecate called Adrienne. The two claimed they were attempting to resurrect the dead in order to deprive the Plutonian Empire of souls used to power their evil technosorcery. However noble their intentions may have been, the party pointed out that raising people into this horrific undeath against their wills was extremely unethical and convinced Mortificer to turn on the Alchemist. The Alchemist fled the scene, but soon the Z-List Supervillain Fun-Guy showed up and controlled the zombies to attack the party. After a few close calls, the party took down Fun-Guy, while Task Manager considered the prospect of having Susan join the team.

After the party’s promised pizza party, they got another message from Task Manager telling them to head to the local college campus, where they discovered Johnny Crowley had summoned a Devil in the middle of the courtyard. A mob of angry students and clergy had gathered to protest, and the New Guardsman Apostle had appeared to keep the protest from turning into a blood bath. Glad to have help from other heroes, including Redline and his ability to damage the Devil, Apostle prepared a ritual that would banish the demon while the party tried… with moderate success… to run interference.



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