D.O.J.I. / New Guardsmen is a Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition game set in a convergence of two worlds. Inspired by Kurt Busiek’s JLA/Avengers, two worlds from very different multiverses have been forced into contact by cosmic forces beyond either of them. Now a band of misfits—anti-heroes, anti-villains, or just superheroes who can’t catch the break they deserve—being forced to make do and get by in a world where two diametrically opposite things might be true depending on the day of the week—or at any given time. While the A-Listers are trying to sort out the fusion of the universes, the B and C-listers have to make do with the missions you can scrape up.

Will you protect the people of two Earths from the chaos that encroaches? Cause a little yourself? Or just exploit the chaos to score a big haul? The choice is yours!

D.O.J.I./New Guardsmen

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